My work

Roughly 10 years ago, the first ideas for my reliefs came into existence. (The first ideas for my reliefs started about 10 years ago) I’ve experimented with various materials and different techniques. Exploring and investigating mediums like drawing, painting and ceramics. However, painting didn’t quite suit me because I couldn’t fully express myself within the limitations of the two dimensional boundaries of the canvas. These days I prefer to paint with glaze, so I can create a unique space and form by combining painting with sculpture. You’ll never know how it will look when it comes out because of the technicalities that lie within the baking process. Such as, are all the dog paws still attached after the baking? What will the oven do to the colour combinations I work with? How will it ultimately affect the glaze? The images are in my head long before I become indulged in the art of sculpting and glazing. I don’t strive for perfection, instead I strive to convey a certain feeling or idea. I also like to expand on the image of the Dutch and the Amsterdam culture, because it’s so much more than Tulips, the Red Light District and Coffee Shops.

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